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Research Articles

Louthan, A., Keighron, M., Kiekebusch, E., Cayton, H., Terando, A. & W. Morris. In Review at Journal of Ecology. Climate change modifies the impact of disturbance interval on the growth rate of natural populations of Venus flytrap.

Guckian, M., Markowitz, E., Tucker, C., Kiekebusch, E., Klemm, T., Middleton, L., Wootten, A. & M Staudinger. In Review at Environmental Communication. Assessing the impact of an online climate science community: The Early Career Climate Forum. 

Kiekebusch, E. & B. Kotler. 2016. Effects of plant defenses and water availability on seasonal foraging preferences of the Nubian Ibex (Capra nubiana). Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 62(3-4):128-137 [PDF]

Berger-Tal, R., Kiekebusch, E., Sandomirsky, I. & S. Pilosof. 2013. Forward by the guest editors: Evolution of Culture. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 59(2): 43-44

Warren-Rhodes, K., McKay, C., Boyle, L., Wing, M., Kiekebusch, E., et al. 2013. Physical ecology of hypolithic communities in the Namib Desert: the role of fog, rain, rock habitat and light. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 118:1-10 [PDF]


Manuscripts in Prep:

Kiekebusch, E., Louthan, A., Hudgens, B., Morris. W., & N. Haddad. In Prep. Tipping points in vital rate responses to temperature across the annual lifecycle of a butterfly. 

Kiekebusch, E., Wepprich, T. & N. Haddad. In Prep. Antagonistic consequences of climate change: incorporating positive effects of increased voltinism on butterfly population dynamics.